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Sobre Nós

Somos uma agência de viagens com a sede na Croácia e oferecemos férias fantásticas e experiências únicas. Consulte a nossa oferta de pacotes de viagens e destinos, estes foram elaborados com o maior cuidado a fim de lhe possibilitar conhecer Zagreb e toda a Croácia – nos destacamos por oferecer um serviço profissional e personalizado! A sua estadia será organizada visando corresponder ao máximo ao seu gosto, atendendo seu estilo de viajar e as suas preferências e necessidades.

A empresa é dirigida por Damjan Beusan, um entusiasta croata e aficionado do turismo que se dedica a esta área há oito anos, tendo trabalhado com inúmeros empresários da Croácia, Itália, França, Estados Unidos e Brasil. Os nossos profissionais estão à sua disposição desde o ano 2000. Recentemente, formou-se uma nova equipa de trabalho, uma nova plataforma que espera transformar-se na melhor agência de viagens da Croácia, especialmente para as pessoas que viajam com estilo.  ”Hello Zagreb” conta com uma crescente base de clientes provenientes de toda a Europa e com um número substancial de clientes da América e da Ásia, incluindo também várias empresas.

A nossa equipa domina os seguintes idiomas com perfeição: croata, inglês, castelhano, português, francês, italiano, russo, hebreu e grego.


Damjan Beusan

My name is Damjan Beusan. In this lifetime I have gathered quite a life-experience. I have a degree in law, preschool teaching and also Portuguese language and culture degree but the biggest experience definitely comes from the only true school, and that is - life. Tourism is the field I have been active since 1998 guiding, entertainment and organising holidays or business trips. Fluent in English, Portuguese, French and Croatian. We have been around for year now and for a good reason.

Check it out; awaiting you in the paradise called Croatia!



Hello, my name is Frano Domitrovic and if you let me, I’ll be your host of my home town Zagreb and my country Croatia. I must admit that I am in love with my city of Zagreb and through the years this relantionship is constantly growing as every year I get to discover something new about my city. Sometimes it is an unknown story or a legend, sometimes it is a beautiful hidden place that is hard to discover and sometimes it is enjoying his beauties over and over again just as they are. I am thankful for living here and I would love to share with you not only stories, but emotions that this city has given me in hope you will feel them too. Don’t forget, how much I love Zagreb as my city, that is how much I love my country Croatia. It is such a jewl that still needs to be discovered and let me help you with that! We can travel to Istra, beautiful region on hills with great food and friendly people. I’m a skipper too so I can show you all the hidden beauties our coast has to offer from Pula to Dubrovnik. We must not forget beautiful forests of Gorski kotar and Plitvice Lakes in region of Lika. Just buy your ticket, come to Croatia and fall in love with my country as I did, just be careful, it might be a one way ticket ;))!


Hrvoje Turić

Hello! Bok! I started to work in this profession 10 years ago because I wanted to combine three things: my love of Croatia, being outdoors and sharing a laugh with people. Since then I have led numerous tours throughout all parts of Europe, however my favourite place remains my hometown, Zagreb. You might even call me a matchmaker, as I have managed to get so many people to fall in love with this part of the world. I am looking forward to uncovering its secrets to you and seeing you fall in love with all its wonders!


Martin Muhek

My name is Martin Muhek. I'm a graduated teacher of Latin and ancient Greek, envolved in tourism for more than a decade. A keen interest in languages and the history of Mitteleuropa, the Balkans, the Mediterranean region and further has had me accompanying demanding tours across my corner of Europe. My motto in tourism is above all tailoring an interesting, easy-going and pleasant stay for our guests. Croatia, as my base, provides a perfect starting point for the most intriguing journeys.

Come over and join me.


Neno Holjevac

Hello there!

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a tourist guide / rock musician and my name is Nenad. I've been in tourism for many years, guiding many people throughout Croatia and the region. Hope you will remember my name! But what's confusin' you is the meaning of my name.  So if you meet me, be ready for a great time. When you come to Zagreb, you are in my hometown, where I spent my childhood, exploring the city that grew together with me. Throughout my point of view, you will enjoy every moment of your travel, with interesting stories about everything that you are going to visit with me, and you will have the best trip ever, I guarantee you that! At the end of the tour you are going to feel that Zagreb is your hometown.

Looking forward to guiding you!


Vanja Budimir

I was born in the beautiful city of Zadar. At an early age I started playing the cello and dancing ballet. Unfortunately, it was decided that my height (Dalmatian genes) is more fitting for contemporary dance. While studying French and Portuguese language and literature I worked, danced and traveled. After getting my MA, the Sagittarius in me decided to combine work in tourism with work in a language school, satisfying both my need for excitement and desire to make the world a better place. In order to improve my language skills and understand the culture better, I spent some time in Portugal and France. 

I am absolutely in love with the southern Croatian islands and Istrian food.