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1900s Beyoncé, Chocolate, Zagreb Cemetery

This is my first post on this blog about Zagreb and it seems a little bit strange to start at the very end, with Zagreb central cemetery called Mirogoj.

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Zagreb: lights for poker players and silent prayers

Wow… the Zagreb Cathedral. So much history, so much different artistic styles in one place: medieval and revived Gothic, casino’s chandeliers, a touch of Baroque… Wait… what? Casino’s chandeliers?

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Rijeka, Kvarner: get a mask, eat your meat, hear the dong (by dong i mean bell)!

So, I got a text from a friend: “I went to mass on Sunday in Zagreb’s cathedral and I couldn’t focus, all I could think about were the casino’s chandeliers from your last post.”

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Plitvice, Croatia: Winter Is Coming… Winter Came!

Croatia is a filming location for the HBO series “Game of Thrones” so it’s quite appropriate that winter came here.

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