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Root Tour

Explore your roots

Dear explorers we invite you to come and travel, walk, on the paths of your ancestors.

It's simple to get started, start with what you know and we'll help you discover the rest.

The information you will give us wil be our main guidepost that we will follow in order to take you to the long-awaited world of your past, the places and the people you have only heard of or saw on the photos in some old family albums that seem to be the only link to your roots.

Explore your family's amazing journey, find out who your ancestors were, how they lived and what they did. Build your family tree through discovering your family's unique story.

To get to know yourself, to fulfill your family tree stories, photobooks, memories…come and travel with us and let us tailor the trip just for you through the whole Europe.

"To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root".

Chinese Proverb

"There's a world of wisdom in our personal stories. Your life is a legacy, a gift that only you can give. Why waste something so precious?"

Dolly Berthelot