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City Tours

photo by J.Duval

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Blue Tour
Zagreb Intro

Each city nowadays has got its classic tour, acquainting the guests with its outstanding architectural sights, buzzing markets, history, museums and monuments. Let’s have a history lesson!


Black and White Tour

Feeling creative and ready for something completely new? Join us on this unique tour of Zagreb! This truly is what off the beaten track means. 


Jewish Tour
Zagreb religions

Zagreb Tour with Jewish signature.

Shalom vebruhim habaim!


Big Blue Tour
Combo Tour

If you want to have it all; introduction, religions, Socialism and walk and be driven this is the right tour for you!


Gold Tour
Zagreb Cooking

When you travel to a foreign country the best way to get to know the locals is to live a day like they do. On this tour we will take you first to the market place, do the shopping and then prepare lunch ourselves with a help of our chefs. You will not only enjoy the food, stories but become yourself part of this story....Come and cook with us!


Red Tour
Socialist Zagreb

Did you know Zagreb was the second largest city in former Yugoslavia, capital of one of the six socialist republics of the Yugoslav federation (SFRJ)?



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